About Us

valveview is a product that was developed after years of frustration with gas cylinders that were left on by employees or students.  After spending many nights of walking through the shop twisting each cylinder handwheel to make sure it was off or forgetting to check and coming back the next day to find a $50 cylinder of gas donated to the atmosphere.  We decided that there must be a solution to the problem.  We wanted to make it simple, so we made the valveview so it just snaps on the top of the handwheel of your gas cylinder.  When someone turns it on the windows show red, alerting you that it was left on.  The red windows also help the person using the cylinder to remember to turn it off before they leave because they can see that it is still on.  When it is turned to be shut, the windows go back to yellow and let you see that the cylinder has be shut.  valveview will quickly pay for itself in preventing wasted gas and will help you stop wasting your time walking through the shop twist checking all the cylinders.  We hope this product will save you both time and money.  Thanks for visiting valveview.com